Warrior cats love story #1

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Well, I saw about 24 warrior cat love story's, so I made one! There is 10 questions ( not counting the age and gender questions.) there is 4 ways to end this.

But this is not a normal one. You are a warrior known as silverflight. You are out hunting when twolegs take you! Will you get out of the prison of cats? Or fall hard, in love? Find out!

Created by: warriorslover122
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  1. You are a warrior now. You can't see anything in the dark. Then you hear a clumsy paw hit the ground. How you react?
  2. Ok, after you guarded camp, The leader, ivystar, said you could eat and rest. What do you do?
  3. Okay, you go hunt and then you see a twolegs kit with her mother. Suddenly, the kit sees you and picks you up. You...
  4. ( sorry. I keep saying okay.) The twolegs take you back to there den. You look to find a way out. You find tons of ways to get out, but you find a other cat. What do you do?
  5. You end up talking to the cat. You find out this information: these twolegs are trying to get homes for the stray cats. The twoleg let's all the cats out for 5 hours. The twolegs give fish, aka prey. Some cats can sleep outside. Including him. The cats name is fuzz. What information is most important to you?
  6. It's night time. Fuzzy invites you to watch what twolegs call a " t.v" But your hungry and sleepy, though curious. What do you do?
  7. After a good night's sleep, 4 more cats are brought. They are all loners. Who you talk to first?
  8. You talk to the one you picked, And the loner is the one you fought the day before your warrior ceremony! How you react?!
  9. The next day, When it's time to go outside, There is no way out, so what do you do to pass time?
  10. 1 moon later you find a way out, And tell fuzzy, whom agrees to help you. you tell everyone goodbye. Pick a face!

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