warrior cats love story

I thought this would be fun and I have seen other people do this. I think it is great and this is my fist quiz so I will try to make part 2 a little better. This is about you Shimmerkit of Riverclan growing up through all the twists and turns of her life. Also about her secret in love. Who would she like? Take the quiz to find out if you were Shimmerpaw what would you do.

What type of cat would you like if you were Shimmerpaw of Riverclan well find out in this warrior cats love story quiz!

Created by: Bookworm
  1. You wake up one morning with Crowkit and Reedkit you denmates are already up playing just outside the nursery. Your mother is still sleeping. What do you do?
  2. You eventually(if you asked your mother or not) go play with them. They are playing mossball and you ask them if you can play. Reedkit says sure it is more fun with more cats. Crowpaw doesn't say anything he just slightly smiles at you. Crowpaw passes you the mossball. Who do you pass it to next?
  3. You play mossball for a while and decide to explore the camp. Who do you ask to take with you?
  4. After you explore the camp you run into some apprentices Flowerpaw and Butterflypaw. Flowerpaw asks you if you want to learn the hunter's crouch. Butterflypaw asks you if you would like to climb to the top of the ravine. Then Crowkit finds you he want to play mouse and warrior. who do you go with?
  5. 2 moons later you become 6 moons
  6. if I didn't mention you are Shimmerkit of Riverclan with a sister named Streamkit and a brother named Fishkit. You are the oldest and Streamkit is the youngest.
  7. Fernstar calls a meeting. She has you,Streamkit,Fishkit,Crowkit,and Reedkit come up. You are super excited but nervous at the same time. Once you walk to the front who do you sit by?
  8. Fernstar announces all of your mentors you are super excited you are now Shimmerpaw. Your mentor was Raindrop(she) the smartest cat in the clan, best hunter, and also clan deputy. I was super excited! Crowpaw's was Snaketail(tom) he was very open minded and a great climber. Reedpaw's was Mistylake(she) Reedpaw was her first apprentice she is a great swimmer and loves it too. Streampaw's is Frostberry I was sort of surprised that she was becoming a med. cat but not that much she has always loved herbs. Fishpaw's was Riverwhisker he had many years of experience sadly he would become an elder soon.
  9. You sit vigil for the night with your other denmates.
  10. All of a sudden you here some thing in the reeds very near the camp. CLIFFHANGER :D

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