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Hello! Lunartealeaf7 here! This quiz was inspired by Shimmerkit's quiz, Thank you Shimmerkit! Anyways, here's a little bit of an explanation, Y/A/N is You're Apprentice Name, and this clan is Thunderclan. You're sibling's name is Russetpaw, they're going to be in part 2.

Anyways, Thank you so much for doing this quiz! Please tell me what you got, sorry I won't respond, and tell me which cat you liked or didin't like! Anyways, hope you enjoyed, Bye! -Lunartealeaf7

Created by: Lunartealeaf7

  1. You have just become an apprentice! You're mentor, Runningwind, is about to touch you're nose. What will you do?
  2. You suddenly see you're littermate, Swiftpaw walk towards you. He's as tall as ever, "Good job Y/A/N!" What will you say back to him?
  3. Swiftpaw then goes to his mentor, Sorrelspots, and goes away. You then notice a blue grey cat looking at you.What will you do?
  4. Before you could say something to him, Runningwind comes up to you, "It's time to train you're hunting abilities, Y/A/N. We're going to train with Volefang." He said. What will you do?
  5. When you got there, you notice Wolfpaw, you're other littermate was at the training grounds. "Hi Y/A/N!" What will you say back?
  6. Once you were done with training, you went straight to you're moss bed. Today was so tiring... Then all of a sudden, Ivypaw, one of you're littermates, pushed you out. She laughed at you, when Swiftpaw stopped her. What will you say?
  7. Runningwind wakes you up. The leader, Whitestar, was making a announcement. Bluepaw, Wolfpaw, and Swiftpaw had gone. What will you say?
  8. While out training you're scent abilities, You catch the scent of blood and fighting. Bluepaw, Wolfpaw, and Swiftpaw were all fighting! What will you do?
  9. While fighting, Bluepaw, Wolfpaw, and Swiftpaw were under attack! You can only save one, who will you choose?
  10. It's too late, Wolfpaw died.
  11. Part One has ended! Hope you enjoyed! In the next one, you will get you're warrior name!

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