Your Warrior Cats Story (Girls)

Lots of people (sorry, Warriors) around the globe read the Warriors series' by Erin Hunter. Lots, though, still don't know their own Warrior story! A warrior follows the warrior code, behaves appropriately and always puts his Clan first.

Do YOU have the potential to be a warrior? Could YOU fight other Clans, protect your own Clan, hunt for prey and make lasting allegiances? Find out in this all-new Warriors Adventure for girls. Part 2 coming soon!

Created by: CreativeDragon

  1. Your story starts with you as a kit, called Skykit. Your brother is Nightkit, and your parents are Brambletwig and Leafthorn.
  2. You are four moons old, and sitting in the camp with Leafwind, your mother, when Bramblestar announces a clan meeting. What do you think?
  3. It's time for you to become an apprentice!
  4. You're sitting next to Nightpaw at a Gathering when Amberstripe and a bunch of other ex-apprentices from the other clans walk up to you. Amberstripe says "Hi, Nightpaw!" completely ignoring you; the others giggle. What do you do?
  5. Finally, your Warrior ceremony takes place, and you are named Skybreeze. You...
  6. Grasstail asks you to share tongues with him. You say...
  7. (If you're a medicine cat, or said NO to the last question, select SKIP) As you and Grasstail are sharing tongues, Flamebelly races into camp. He suddenly stops short and stares at you. What are you thinking at this moment?
  8. So, Flamebelly or Grasstail?
  9. Bramblestar announces that you, Nightfur and a bunch of other cats will be attending this Gathering. When you arrive, though, you find a horrible scene in front of you: Every member of ShadowClan is ruthlessly fighting some RiverClan cats, even though the moon is fully visible. Do you rush to defend RiverClan, or help a ShadowClan tom take on a RiverClan warrior?
  10. Well, this is the end of Your Warrior Story (Girls) Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2- coming soon to GoToQuiz!

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