How Vale Are You? [Scotland]

This quiz is designed for Vale folk just to see what you know about the place. Do you know your Glens from your Robsons? Your Pepes from Carmens?..

Are you real Vale? Take this quiz and find out if you qualify as a true Valeman or Valewoman... Many will aspire, but few will actually make it...

Created by: Jeelyeater

  1. What was the name of the chippy across from the Christie Park in the late 70s / early 80s ?
  2. Rosshead is also know as ?
  3. What number was the bus from Tullichewan to Napierston Farm?
  4. When do you go out on the Galoshies?
  5. What was the name of the now demolished pub at the Vale side of the Bonhill Bridge ?
  6. Ice cream and raspberry sauce was know as what in Gallone's shop ?
  7. Where was the Vale Empire ?
  8. Name the football park next door to Millburn.
  9. When was Tobias Smollet born ?
  10. The Cordale was temporarily renamed in the 1970s to what ?
  11. What would you buy in Barneys ?
  12. Im going up the Coconut Well, how do I get there ?

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Quiz topic: How Vale am I? [Scotland]