250 Years Without You: Halloween Special

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About the Halloween special, I lied. This one is released a day early since I have a lot of parties to organize and to go to and I got a fever. So this is a preview of the previous life, so don't get confused. There are some hints in this that you might pick up about what will happen in the future but it's okay if you don't pick up on them. IT'S HALLOWEEN!

I haven't been getting a lot of viewers lately. I'm wondering did they drop cause I'm mediocre or is it because of school? Oh lol who cares at least I still write xD I hope you enjoy this. READ THE TOP PARAGRAPH CAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT :)

Created by: Ivoryleaf
  1. The screams that came out of me reverberated through the halls.
  2. The seniors roared in laughter and they all hugged me before scaring another poor soul. "Gotcha!" they yelled before prancing down the hallway. "Jerks," I fixed my shirt and glared down after them. Being well known throughout high school, it didn't help that I was the target for every prank the seniors always made. "It's cause your special," Gabby licked her blood red lips in mock delight. "So are you going to the dance tonight?" I brushed off the cards and decorations on my locker door, before dialing in my combo. "Duh. Time to vamp it up. But you're on the cheerleading team right? Don't they always have this tradition?" Gabby rolled her eyes. "It's not like I wanted to be on it," I grinned at her. Every year for Halloween dances, the football team would trade jerseys with the cheerleading team and it would be hilarious to watch the guys fit into our sweaters.
  3. "So who are you trading with? Darren? Brian? Ooh, I know, Anderson," Gabby picked up a book that I dropped. "To be honest, I don't really want to do it this year. I mean, it gets boring after a while," I dabbed on some lip gloss. "Really? Really? You're passing on some chance to wear a hot guy's shirt? Really?" Gabby gave me a skeptical look and twirled a lock of her perfect, wavy, chestnut hair. "I don't think they're that hot, just muscle," I nudged her into our homeroom. A cannon of black and orange confetti greeted us, blowing it into our face while the class cheered at whomever passed the door. "Well I'm sorry, Miss Excuse Me I'm Too Classy For Y'all." Gabby jabbed my in the stomach before sitting down at her seat. I couldn't concentrate at all during class since I couldn't help but notice someone was following me.
  4. I had just gotten in line at the sandwich bar when I noticed the same guy in the costume lining up too. I let out a pressured scream and stalked towards him in hazed fury. People backed out of the way. "Will you stop following me! Oh my gosh do you think I don't notice it when you've been doing it for the whole day? You think every girl in this place is wide eyed and stupid? New flash! I'm not!" I flung my hands in front of his petrified mask, despite my petite size. A few boys whistled lowly. "You'd better back off that chic, man," one commented. "B-but I w-wasn't...w-w-what are you t-talking about?" the poor boy stuttered. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I'm just paranoid lately. I didn't mean that oh my..," I tried to awkwardly embrace him in some sort of hug. He pushed me away and ran off. I clutched at my hair in frenzy. "You absolutely terrified him," Anderson commented. "Oh back off," I wasn't hungry anymore, certain that I just ruined a person's day and possibly scarred him. "Are you like, on your period or something?" he lowered his voice. "Here," he offered me his hot chocolate.
  5. I laughed aloud and bundled my scarf around my neck as we walked into the cold, autumn weather. "No, I'm not on my period. But I'll have this," I took the carton from his hand and started to tentatively sip it. "Extra milk, your favorite," he winked. Anderson was always so carefree, anything could be fun around him. No wonder he was the most popular guy here. "So..you going to the dance?" he took a seat on a park bench, overlooking a couple of autumn trees. "What do you expect? Everyone expects me to so why not?" I took a seat beside him. "Do you want to go to the dance?" his gold eyes pierced mine, the color striking against the fall weathering. "No one's really asked me that before," I joked lightly and took a warm mouthful of the beverage in my hands.
  6. "Nah I was hoping we could switch jerseys. I'm pretty lean for a guy," he flexed his muscles in a pretentious way. "Yes, you skinny chicken," I smiled. We knew each other since 7th grade, when we were all awkward teens. "I suppose we could switch. I mean, sure," I shrugged. "Great. See you outside the lockers this afternoon. And then see you again at the party." Anderson took back his drink and jogged off, warming himself up.
  7. "Does this look okay?" I fixed the over large sweater on myself. "Does this look okay?" Gabby was looking at herself in my sliding mirror. She was dressing up as a Dia De Los Muertos doll or as a Day of the Dead doll. She already had her full face makeup on, with her sparkling aqua eyes looking extra dollish. "You can pull off anything, I'm not sure about this," I rolled up the sleeves. The usual mirror pep talk we usually do in the bathrooms during break. "Anderson's penny looks so adorable on you. I'm kinda glad I'm not on the cheer team." "What do you mean?" I fake gasped and booty bumped her. I did my makeup, more dramatic than usual, given that I was going to a party. I normally don't go to any since it was full of drunk, pathetic guys trying to pick up girls. I'm vulnerable okay? I opted for grey low tops to perfect that jock effect and tied my hair into a high pony tail. Gabby put on nude pumps and smoothed her deadly dolly dress. "Let's go," Gabby grabbed our clutches and we headed out.
  8. The low bass of the party was already vibrating in the car. "Always trust Brian to host a party like this," Gabby grinned and tottered out of the car. We got to park right on the driveway since we were 'special priority' a.k.a meaning Gabby and Brian are probably in a secret relationship. "I'm going to go get drinks and probably never see you until you're passed out on your car!" I shouted over the music and Gabby waved me off, already dancing with Brian. I wasn't much for underage drinking and looking desperate but they did have punch. I saw some drunks lounging by the table so I veered off. "Eeyy so you did show up!" Anderson yelled. I pointed two thumbs up and stepped to a side while a guy succumbed to vomit beside me. I wrinkled my nose and walked away, Anderson escorting me.
  9. "Another good thing about Brian's giant house: lots of spare bedrooms." Anderson joked as he shut the door behind me. "I am so tired of these parties," I sat down on the lush bed and swung my legs around. "Really? I do enjoy the beer pong though," Anderson winked. "You look adorbs in those tights and my uniform," I noticed it. "Oh I'm sorry, I think I got some puke on it," he pulled a disgusted face. "I can always ask for a spare anyways," I felt repulsed for a second. "Hey did you kno-" I turned around just to be pushed against the wall. "What are you doing?!" I was under a choke hold. "Um I'm sure if you wanted to makeout with a girl, you wouldn't be holding her by the neck. Anderson?" I was shaking by now. He sunk his head to my neck and I felt sharp teeth poke my neck. He inhaled deeply and licked at my tender skin. "What the hell! Anderson! Stop what are you doing?!" I was writhing under his inhuman hold.
  10. The door burst open and a pale blonde strode in and knocked Anderson out of the grip. "Sorry about that, love," he looked apologetic with his dark grey, fringed eyes. I clutched my neck and took in shuddering gulps of air. Anderson wiped his mouth and looked up at me. "Happy Halloween," he licked his cherry red lips.
  11. I screamed as I awoke in my bed.

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