True Heart and Magic *Halloween Special*

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WELCOME TO THE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT BUT IT'S SUPER SHORT!!!!!! Please don't be mad at me for being super short or being late! I want to make you guys happy by having more THAM. So please enjoy

If you think this is stupid, then tell me and I won't make anymore because it's really hard to do! But it gets all my ideas out so I can organize my thoughts. But please give me feedback!

Created by: StarMaya
  1. You come skipping downstairs, humming your favorite tune, when you see the guys sitting on the couch, watching 'Trick or Treat'. You stop suddenly and look around the room, seeing no decorations whatsoever. You call the guys but they are all watching blankly at the screen, jumping at a sudden sound every now and then. You decide to have some fun and creep up slowly behind them. You actually change your mind and decide to scream at the top of your lungs right behind them. You scream and the guys end up throwing their popcorn in the air and Justin ends up on the ground. You start laughing so hard that fall to the ground like Justin. The guys help you up when you are done laughing but they don't look very happy. They stare at you and your about to say sorry when Jake slaps you in the back of the head. You glare at him and you splash water at him. "Why did you scare us like that?!" Yells Zack. "Why did he slap me?!" You yell back. "Answer our question first!" Yells Cody. "Nuh-uh! He hit me so that's violence. Justin plays jokes on us so tell me why he hit me." You demand. The guys back up because you are scary when your are mad. "The reason I slapped you was because you scared us. You should never scared us because you are always in dangerous." Explains Jake. "Ok, I get that and I shouldn't have done that... but you were watching a scary movie and you were so tense. Also you're being punished by me." You explain. The guys get confused and ask what they did wrong. You stare in shock and show the house. You spin around and twirl, showing a normal house. The guys are still confused and they look around. Zack looks at the wall and sees a spider crawling there way. "SPIDER!!" He yells and runs into the kitchen, disappearing from the kitchen. You stare at him and then the guys. "Is he scared of Spiders?" The guys nod as Justin kills the spider. Zack comes back out with a cookie in his hand. He joins the group with a half eaten cookie. You chuckle a laugh as he acts like nothing ever happened. "So what's the problem?" Zack asks. "Really? You don't see it?" The guys look above your shoulder and see nothing strange. "Ok, Stop trying. Your going to hurt yourself." You say. The guys lower themselves and meet your eyes. "You have no decorations up." You say, gesturing the house. The guys look confused again. You sigh and continue. "Tomorrow's Halloween but you don't have any decorations up, no scary things, no treats, and... do you have costumes?" The guys shake their head and sit back down on the couch. You step in front of them and ask why not. "We don't usually celebrate holidays." Says Cody. You again ask why not. "We just don't." Says Justin. You stare in amazement and smile. "Well now, I'm here and back at home, we would celebrate every major holiday. So suck it up and let's make some decorations." The guys laugh and you lead them upstairs.
  2. The guys wait in your room while you bring in a giant chest from your room and the attic. "What's this?" Cody asks, as you kneel beside the trunks. "They are costumes and decorations from my house." You say. You open the trunks and you see dark costumes and light costumes in the trunk and then you see the decorations. The guys come around you and look inside the trunk. "Wow. You were really into this stuff huh?" Asks Jake. You nod as you take out the costumes and lay them out on the bed and floor. "Alright! Pick your costume while I get us some snacks." You leave and the guys look at the costumes. You come back 15 minutes later and see the guys in costumes. You see Jake as a vampire, Zack as a werewolf, Cody as a mad scientist and Justin as a zombie. You smile and say Yay! and you put the snacks down on the table. You grab a costume and change in the bathroom while the guys eat some of the snacks. You come back as a genie and the guys whistle. You laugh and blush. "Alright. Next part is decorations." You reach into the trunk and grab a fake spider. You think for a second and throw it at Zack. He screams and falls down. You and the guys laugh as you take the fake spider off of him. He is still shocked as he gets back up and grabs a cookie. You tell the guys to rwach in a grab a random thing and go put it somewhere in the house. The nod and go back and forth, putting things around the house and outside. By the time the trunk is empty, the house is super creepy loking! You smile and the guys all sit down, tired. You laugh and sit by them as they put on Trick or Treat again, trying to finish it. You smile as you watch the guys watch and jump at the movie. You look around the house and now it feels like home.
  3. *The Next Day* You put the bowl of candy by the front door as the clock stucks 5:30. You call the guys down. The guys come down in normal clothes and plop on the couch. You glare at them and they ask what. You point to your costume and the guys all run upstairs,only to come back down in their costumes. They finally plop on the couch and start watching TV. You grab a box and slowly creep behind Jake. You get behind him and tilt his head back and put blood on his face and fangs in his mouth. He stares wide eyed as he feels the fangs in his mouth. You walk back and grab another box and go behind Zack. You tilt his head back and place orange contacts in his eyes and blood on the costume. He looks at the blood and stares at it. You next go to Cody and spray green haircolor in his hair and spike it up. He has no idea what you did. You next go to Justin and do a very good job on his face to make it look like a zombie. The guys all turn to you and you point to the mirror behind you. They all look at how you transformed them and they are surprised at how well you did it. They turn around and you throw a spider at Zack. He reacts by knocking Justin down. You laugh and Justin is now limping, making the zombie look more realistic. The doorbell rings and they go to the door. Outside is a little boy as batman, a girl as a princess, and a girl as Dorthy. They all stare at the guys and end up running and screaming down the street. The guys close the door and turn to you. "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" You Shout! You then plop on the couch and the guys come behind you, with a box in their hand. They tilt your head back and put makeup on you to make you look more like a genie. You look in the mirror and laugh. The guys stick their tongue out at you when you hug all of them. "Happy Halloween guys." They all hug you back and say Happy Halloween.
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