What Should You Be For Halloween?

Halloween, that time of the year when everyone dresses up and walks around the streets at night and ask strangers for their candy, also a time when kids play the funniest tricks on people.

What should you be for Halloween? Something Drop Dead Scary? Or how about something Funny? Maybe something Glittery And Glam. Take this quiz to give you some ideas of what you should be.

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  1. The annoying filler Question. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite kinda Movie?
  3. What color clothing do you usually wear?
  4. What costume do you plan on wearing this year?
  5. What would you use as a candy bag, like to hold your candy?
  6. Do you play tricks on Halloween?
  7. Sweet or Sour Candy?
  8. Hard, Soft, or Liquid Candy?
  9. When you get your candy, do you eat it while Trick or Treating or do you wait til' you get home?
  10. Do you visit Haunted Houses, like those scary theme parks or something.
  11. Trick Or Treat?

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Quiz topic: What should I Be For Halloween?