Do you know Twilight?

Who hasn't heard of the fabulous world of Twilight.Here's the test-are you a true Twi-heart.To be a true Tw- heart a person has to know every off the wall question the saga has to offer.

But are you the ultimate Twilight fan!Can you say the lines by heart?You think your good-but are you really,really good.In a couple of questions,you'll find out!

Created by: Anna

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  1. Who plays Emmett Cullen?
  2. What is Edward's full name?
  3. Which vampire wanted to kill Edward for killing James?
  4. How old is Edward?
  5. Who did Bella's engagement ring originaly belong to?
  6. How bad was Bella injured by James?
  7. What color does Edward like on Bella the best?
  8. What was Bella's before car?
  9. Who was the only 2 people to escape James?
  10. Does Edward's room have a bed?
  11. Did Bella drink blood before she was a vampire?
  12. Did you know most of this?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Twilight?