The Girl Who Lived part 53

Hey guys, been a while since I last update which I do apologise for. Although, I bet with the holidays coming up, that many others are swamped with work as well.

Not only was I busy but, I had a tad bit of writers block. The place where I left off last time was a little tricky to start off. Well, Halloween is on the way. I had tons of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL, AND TO ALL A JOLLY GOOD FRIGHT

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. They had stayed quiet. Neville reached his hands around me, giving me a hug. I accepted and returned the hug. The day had passed quick, it was almost dinnertime and I could begin to smell the aromas coming from the dining hall. Ron's mouth had been watering, not the usual amount for a normal person. Although, I'm not entirely sure if being a Wizard would qualify as being normal.
  2. As we headed towards the dining hall, the twins brightened the mood. They showed us their recent ideas for pranks and merchandise. A majority of their ideas are almost insane that I'm quite sure that no one in their right mind would purchase. However, it could be popular just because it's that outrageous. "We've got so many ideas. We've got Wideye potions, Volubilis Potion, Truth Serum, Polyjuice potions, invisibility potions, and quite a variety of love potions."
  3. The two went on. "Wait, did you two just say love potions?" I asked. "Yeah we did, we not only wanted our store to appeal to men, but women as well." "You do plan on making antidotes for them, right?" "Well, we haven't exactly planned it all out. We've thought of it but haven't created an antidote for them yet." "Make sure that you do before you begin to put them on the market. If not, people will be stuck having that infatuation instead of real emotion for that other person. This is why I don't like love potions. They're so fake. The emotions aren't real."
  4. "They're just potions." Commented the twins. "I know, but they just seem to defy all things that are realistic." "We're Wizards, Scarlet. There's nothing really realistic about it." Then, for possibly the first time, I thought about what the twins had said. To me, all of this was usual behavior. Pranks, potions and magic had seemed to become something that was just so normal now.
  5. Although in the eyes of another, a non-magical being, this would simply all be hogwash. Something that would completely be disregarded and labeled plainly as fantasy. Nothing more, nothing less. The existence of Dragons, Poltergeists and mostly Wizards are considered fiction by adults but believed in by children. But as they grow older, their amount of belief fades as they attempt to figure out whats fact and whats fiction.
  6. The twins and I continued on our little argument. I put their ideas into consideration on pranks, potions and the wonders of the world. "How do you guys feel about Poltergeists? I mean, they must have some reason for staying behind and they play pranks." "I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing but I wouldn't want to stay back and haunt an area for an entire afterlife. Seems boring. Said George.
  7. "I like the idea of being a poltergeist. Being a Ghost seems boring. You can't do a single thing and you can't touch objects if you're a ghost. If you're a Poltergeist you can touch objects and still play pranks. It must be awfully lonely though." Fred stated. "What makes you think that?" I asked. "Well, playing pranks alone with no one to enjoy it with makes me feel lonely."
  8. By this time, all of us had reached the cafeteria and extremely hungry. We took our usual places. Ron, Hermoine and Harry sat next to each other, while I sat with the twins and Neville. Dumbledore still sat at his podium and stated once again in his long slow voice, that the Dementors would still be patrolling Hogwarts. He continued on with his usual speech that he would say every night before we would retire for the night.
  9. All the students were dismissed from their tables and headed to their common rooms. On the way, I caught Harry and Hermoine. I had asked them about what had happened during some of their classes since we only have a few together and I would have those tomorrow. "Well, in Dark Arts we learned of more spells. You should check with Neville about Herbology." "I doubt he'll know. We're in the same Herbology class. There's a chance since he's friends with the teacher."
  10. "Hey, do you know what's going to happen during Hagrids class? I'm eager to find out." Questioned Harry. I thought about it for a couple of minutes as the three of us headed up the stairs and past the magical Gryfindoor painting that opened to reveal the passage to the common room. "If I can remember right, you learn to ride Buckbeack. He's a Hippogriff that Hagrid owns." It's been a long day. As we reached the common rooms, the three of us parted ways and I headed to my lonely one person room.
  11. PART 2
  12. My normal routine began the next morning, just as any other typical day at the magical school of Hogwarts started. I scrubbed plaque off my teeth and threw on my school robes and Mary Janes. I got into trouble once by Snape in the hallway. Apparently, the dress code has only specific kinds of shoes that you can wear. They have to be certain types of shoes.
  13. The classier kind. Mary Janes were on the list, so I had to borrow a pair of Ginny's although they're a tad big for me. Stuffing footie socks in the tip of the show solved that problem easily for me. It wasn't that big of an issue. I looked at my combat boots sitting in the corner of the room, all lonely and cold. I definitely will wear them this winter since they do fir the Hogwarts dress code for Winter.
  14. Heading downstairs to the common room and then to the dining hall. In the common room, I found Neville surrounded by books. Normally, it's Hermoine that's here instead of at the dining hall doing a little bit of 'light reading' before breakfast. The amount of books she can read is amazing. I know already that she'll get some kind of amazing job that almost no other Wizard out there is smart enough for.
  15. "Herbology again huh?" I looked over his shoulder and into the textbook. "Yeah, The Herbology teacher asked that I look up a few plants and find out what plants would grow well in the gardens." "Thanks for waiting, lets get to breakfast." I scooped up a couple of books from the ground that he had been reading and onto the table. "Yeah, let's go before Ron eats all the good stuff."
  16. We then went to the dining hall for Breakfast. Like I had guessed, all of the good food was already picked over. The food left wasn't bad though. There's always fruit leftover. "I could never be a vegetarian. Ron stated. "I loves my meats." He continued on. It was more of me translating for him than Ron actually saying this. He had been stuffing his mouth with crispy bacon dripping in fat and mumbling in his own Ron language that I had soon become fluent in.
  17. "You might want to slow down little brother." Said Fred. "Wouldn't want you to choke on all that grease your inhaling". Said George. "Speaking of which, I've got a joke." The twins turned to each other and nodded as if they had read each others minds and later turned their bodies to me. " Little Ron has 40 pieces of bacon and eats 50 pieces-" From across the room I heard Draco shout "Where'd my bacon go?" I suppose that answered that question.
  18. The twins continued on with their joke. "As we were saying, little Ron has 40 pieces of bacon and eats 50. What does Ron have?" Fred asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "I have no clue. He ate all of his and then some." I answered. "What does Ron have now George?" Fred asked, turning to George for an answer. "Clogged arteries. Ron has clogged arteries." The three of us held a long stare at each other, making it a contest not to laugh.
  19. When my lips quivered and wouldn't stop, I knew that I was going down. But fortunately, at the same time, the twins were about to crack soon. All I needed to say was one single sentence. "Ron has clogged arteries." First, I got a snicker from the twins which soon led to a full on laugh and I joined in as well when I couldn't stand not laughing. While we were laughing so much, I felt eyes on us but I didn't care the slightest bit.
  20. We wiped the tears from our eyes after we has settled down and it was soon about time to head to our first class. Throughout the course of the day it wasn't very interesting. Although in Herbology I learned of a few new plants. By the time all of my classes had passed by, it had been lunch. I began heading to the mess hall when I was stopped by a voice.
  21. "Hey Scarlet, wait up." I turned to see Oliver Wood headed my way, wearing his usual Quidditch attire. "Do you ever change to normal Hogwarts robes? Cause I can't ever recall seeing you wearing anything but Quidditch robes." He shook his head. "I've got some shocking news. It's about Buckbeak." "What happened?" By the way he was carrying himself, I felt as though I already knew the answer and it wasn't good. He gulped. "Buckbeak's going to be executed."

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