Which one piece character are you?

Mr. Whoopee is another rare vehicle to find, or hear; you will know it is around if you hear its melody playing. It has average handling and speed. It is extremely hard to find, but if you drive around long enough (more prevalent in Shoreside Vale) you should find it.

A fast car with smooth, precise steering, the Borgnine Taxi is one of the best cars on the streets of Liberty City. It is available only after 100 taxi missions have been completed and is parked at "Borgnine Taxi's." To get there, start at your Portland hideout and go right. Then, hang a left at the stop light. It will be waiting for you on your right.

Created by: Mark

  1. Do you like to fight?
  2. Would you like to have a bounty on your head!?
  3. Which weapon of your choice?
  4. Are you scared of pirates!
  5. Do you care about your friends?
  6. Do you like to steal teasure
  7. What's your favorite color?
  8. Are you smart?
  9. Do you like to party alot
  10. Do you eat alot?
  11. Would you care if the navy was following you
  12. Do you have alot of people in your pirate ship
  13. Are you strong?
  14. Do you care if somebody was pointing a gun at you?
  15. Do you have a beard?
  16. Do you like to wear hats?
  17. Do you want to find ONE PIECE
  18. Do you wear glasses?
  19. (LAST QUESTION) Would you give up your left arm to a special friend in battle?

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Quiz topic: Which one piece character am I?