how well do you know dragonvale

dragon vale is this awesome game i play it can go on ipads tablets kindles and probably more there is gems dragons treats coins and wait for it wait for it

this super cool dragon that i have named karios right now i'm on level 22 and i have 30 million coins and around 90 gems so good luck on the quiz

Created by: amazon

  1. how do you breed a emerald dragon
  2. how do you get a ironwood
  3. how to breed a tree
  4. which is a real dragon
  5. which do you think is hardest to get
  6. which is fake
  7. how many gems does the breeding island cost
  8. magnet is
  9. scoria is
  10. are forge and brass the same
  11. the maximum lv. is
  12. wizards carry staffs with
  13. true or false sun dragons can be bred with hail and firefly
  14. zazzberries take
  15. which dragon takes the shortest time
  16. did you like this quiz
  17. do you play dragonvale

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Quiz topic: How well do I know dragonvale