What Skylander Dragon Am I?

This quiz is about the game skylanders. This game is super fun and has many creative skylander creatures. My favorite are the dragons so I made this quiz to see what dragon you are!

There are ten different dragons that you could possibly get. I would have added more but there is a limit. I will be coming out with more quizzes about skylanders later.

Created by: Mustangspirit22
  1. What sounds like your dream home.
  2. What mythical creature do you like most.
  3. If you could be a skylander what type would you choose.
  4. There are villains attacking a town, what do you do.
  5. What color do you like most?
  6. If you could be trained by a skylander, who would it be.
  7. Someone drops a 20 dollar bill, what do you do.
  8. What kind of food speaks you?
  9. What skylanders theme song do you like best?
  10. And finally, what catchphrase do you like.

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