Which Skylander are you

You have the choice to be 10 different Skylanders (wouldn't let me do more). Each has their own element and personality. Which of the 10 is most like you?

This quiz will tell you which of the 10 main (or my favorite) Skylanders your most like. This quiz is incredibly accurate, and has some enjoyable parts too.

Created by: GeoIke
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  1. There is a zombie apocalypse going on. What weapon would you choose?
  2. Your dad said your going skydiving. How would you react?
  3. It was raining, and you were in a farm house. What would you do.
  4. Your crush just dumped you. How would you react?
  5. You had six community projects all at the same time. Which one would you go to?
  6. Kaos is trying to take over four main parts or Skylands. Which would you try to save?
  7. Let Destiny Choose
  8. Are you a creative or logical thinker?
  9. Which Element pair comes to you?
  10. Which gun would you like to use?
  11. Which Natural Disaster Describes you the best?

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