How well do you know skylanders?

Do you play the game Skylanders... do you have all 5 Skylander games? Do your dreams or thoughts contain Skylanders in them, if 2 of these are yes, this is the quiz for you.

This is a 10 question quiz where we will test your knowledge on Skylanders. You could do amazing, or get 20%. Play this quiz to find out how much you know about Skylanders.

Created by: GeoIke
  1. Which Skylander is a 50% Phoenix 50% Dragon Hybrid
  2. Who is the Tech Giant
  3. Which element is Bash in?
  4. Which element is Wrecking Ball in
  5. Which element is Chill in
  6. Which element is Boomer in
  7. Which Skylander says "Blink and Destroy?"
  8. Just for fun... Name 3 skylanders not listed so far
  9. Which Dragon Skylander wants to fly
  10. Which Skylander has an adventure named after him

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Quiz topic: How well do I know skylanders?