What DragonVale gemstone dragon are you?

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DragonVale has 10 million users worldwide. There are a range of dragons to hatch and breed,but there are a special few called gemstone dragons. Cool,right?

In this Quiz there is 4 types you can get,plus they are my favourite! There is: Jet,Topaz,Ruby and Jade. Each are great Dragons and look really cool! I hope you will be satisfied with the result.

Created by: Makili Pietru
  1. What do you want to be(You may not get it though)?
  2. What do you like to eat?
  3. What is your favourite month?
  4. Do you like Dragons?
  5. Ok ur loss if you don't like them.Now I'll tell you the story of the Cataclysm.( Made up of course, nobody knows what the Cataclysm is)
  6. Ok. So everybody was down on earth,playing with dragons. Then, at the full moon,the rift opened up and ripped a giant line through the ground. This was later called the Great Scar of the world. Soon,earth became unhabitable and many species of dragons died. The wizards Created islands in the sky to live on.
  7. NOW some DragonVale knowledge! How do you breed a Jet Dragon?
  8. Fave time of day?
  9. Close to results now!
  10. Ok,ready for it?

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Quiz topic: What DragonVale gemstone dragon am I?