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There is a game out there called DRAGONVALE, and it is very awesome. you can hatch your own dragons!This game is very awesome and unique, and so are the people who play it.

Only a few are real dragonvale experts. They can master the combinations for really rare dragons, like the rainbow and panlong. all my dragons say you should take this quiz!

Created by: Natasha Bird

  1. True or False: You can breed an air dragon
  2. what combination makes a plasma dragon?
  3. what combination makes a flower dragon?
  4. What is one way you can earn gems?
  5. True Or False: dragons expire on dragonvale?
  6. True or False: The Scorch Dragon is a hybrid?
  7. True or False: there is a christmas dragon?
  8. Is there a dragon for spring?
  9. is lightning a hybrid?
  10. What combination of elements can make a frostfire?
  11. is the rainbow dragon limited?
  12. how often does the Panlong dragon come out?

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