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A TON of people in the whole 7.3 billion people in the world play the game Dragonvale and it is quite popular. A lot of people think they know it well, but do they really?

Until now you could only wonder. If you're one of those people, take this quiz! You'll see if you have dragonvale knowledge! See you at the end! Good luck!

Created by: Backflip Studios

  1. Which of these is NOT a rare or special dragon?
  2. What colors does the sand dragon have?
  3. At what level do you unlock the zombie dragon?
  4. What is the breeding time for the tree dragon in the Epic Breeding Island?
  5. Does the fungus dragon have horns?
  6. What does the blue moon dragon have on the end of its tail?
  7. What are the elements in a cotton dragon?
  8. What do the brass, double rainbow, and aquamarine dragons all have in common?
  9. How much can you buy the silver dragon for?
  10. Is the rose dragon limited time?
  11. What is the maximum level you can be?
  12. What is the highest amount of gems you can win at a Colosseum event?
  13. Last question! How many gems does it take to upgrade your nursery to four egg slots?

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