How Scottish are you?

89% of people in the world think they are Scottish. And what's not to love. But as a nation of 5 million, at least a hundred million people out there are lying.

So, are you Scottish? Time to find out if you drink 80 shilling or Pimms, eat deep-fried pizza or Tuscan pizzatone...time to find out if you wear the kilt with pride or boxers.

Created by: Jen
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  1. What nationality is the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand?
  2. How many tourists visit Edinburgh each August?
  3. What is tartan?
  4. Can an American/Canadian ever be Scottish?
  5. Can someone born in England but raised in Scotland to Scottish parents ever count as Scottish?
  6. Who owns Berwick?
  7. Lorne sausage is
  8. Do you remember Mary Marquis?
  9. Best Bond:
  10. Gauny no do that

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Quiz topic: How Scottish am I?