Political compass: English civil war edition

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In the mid 17th century England (and the rest of Britain and Ireland) was convulsed by war and the ferment of intellectual revolution. As Parliament fought the King and then the Army, new ideas such as universal male suffrage and freedom of conscience combined and clashed with old ideas like the divine right of Kings and the ancient liberties of Magna Carta to give birth to a fissiparous melange of different factions and groups.

Have you ever wondered which faction you would have ended up in? Are you a Constitutional Royalist believing that Parliament had a point back in 1640 but it's really starting to push its luck now? A radical Leveller wanting a free press and universal male suffrage? A sly Army Grandee? One of the Presbyterians or Independents in parliament at each other's throats over the post war religious settlement? Perhaps you're an Arch Royalist who still believes the King is divinely appointed? Or maybe you think you chose the wrong side and wish you could recant and switch? Well wonder no longer because the 'Political compass: English civil war edition' will tell you!

Created by: Jet Power
  1. The King can levy whatever taxes he wants
  2. We need a national church without bishops but with a rigid uniform dogma
  3. Should there be a standing army?
  4. All men have an equal right to be represented in Parliament
  5. What should we do about the rebellion in Ireland?
  6. Do we need a puritan reformation? - stripping down the Church of England to the true faith - no Latin, no ornamentation, no Book of Common Prayer, and definitely no Christmas or theatres etc
  7. Should we have some form of written constitution?
  8. The Judiciary should be under the authority of the King, so The Court of Star Chamber is perfectly legal
  9. Should people be able to print pretty much whatever they want?
  10. Finally how should we end the war?

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