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Each of the Gospels narrates the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. The traditional author is listed after each entry. Modern scholarship differs on precisely by whom, when, or in what original form the various gospels were written. The Gospel of Matthew, traditionally ascribed to the Apostle Matthew, son of Alphaeus. The Gospel of Mark, traditionally ascribed to Mark the Evangelist, who wrote down the recollections of the Apostle Simon Peter. The Gospel of Luke, traditionally ascribed to Luke, a physician and companion of Paul of Tarsus. The Gospel of John, traditionally ascribed to the Apostle John, son of Zebedee. The first three are commonly classified as the Synoptic Gospels. They contain very similar accounts of events in Jesus' life. The Gospel of John stands apart for its unique records of several miracles and sayings of Jesus, not found elsewhere.

Do You know your gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, questions about them and more. This is to test your knowledge on the new testament. you don't have to be religious to take it! I'm in now way christian, i just study theology as a hobby, if you want to see how well you know your bible, check it out!

Created by: Mrs. Smith
  1. What is the Old Testament also known as?
  2. The New Testament is also known as
  3. Matthew portrays Jesus as the
  4. The Sypnotic Gospels are
  5. Who portrayed Jesus as the "suffering messiah"?
  6. Who wrote for the persecuted Christians in Rome?
  7. Mark portrayed Jesus as a
  8. Luke wrote for the
  9. Luke's portrait of Jesus was the
  10. Who wrote for Christians of all backgrounds?
  11. John portrayed Jesus as the
  12. The Old Testament was previous to anything written in the New Testament, it was the tales of the ancestors of Abraham. How does the New Testament fit in the bible?
  13. The Gospel of Mark is divided in two parts, these parts are called..
  14. Luke wrote the "Gospel According to Luke" [obviously] but he also wrote
  15. Which gospel refers to Jesus as "I am"
  16. After Jesus rose from the dead, what did the apostles do because they thought it would make him return once more?
  17. three stages of scripture development are
  18. How does the gospel of John begin?
  19. Who address his gospel with "dear theopelus"
  20. The New Testament is divided into four sections, these are

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