Trick Questions

Try this trick question quiz. (or a really easy quiz) test your smarts -chocolate is cool, it's really really cool. Random and randomness and don't forget,it's cool

Not like my quiz, it's too easy so enjoy it! I'm Mr. Ching and I made this quiz to see if you like really easy questions. When you saw the title "Trick questions" you thought it was going to be hard, did you?

Created by: california15
  1. One plus one
  2. Figure this out- 3x3-6+75-18x(0)
  3. Say (and say it physically really fast)- red letter, yellow leather (x3) blue
  4. What killed the cat?
  5. A rectangle is a square. Does that mean a square is a rectangle?
  6. Light can survive the darkness, but darkness can't survive light.
  7. 3x2+1 or 4+3 or the square root of 49
  8. how many animals were in Moses' ark?
  9. CONFUSING!!! what is 3x3? (hint=9)
  10. sHelly atE three appLes and said Please. roCky is the oppOsite of shelly coNn the Third. In the end, the conN family stayed qUiet foe the rEst of their life.

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