Genius Point ... DON'T CHEAT!!

Hey... now.. evryone loves a good, " Am I smart?" quiz every once in a while... but MY quiz will prove superior. They may seem simple, those little questions, but rest assured, they might trick ya!!

So.. are YOU one? Can you answer MY questions. They are mostly about random subjects, ones that pop into my head and I write them down. So, now... find out if you.. are a true genius!!!

Created by: Breanna

  1. What is the Greek Godess of love and beauty?
  2. Hyraxes are sometimes described as the closest living relative of the _______ ?
  3. Where is Latvia?
  4. Which country is Riga in?
  5. What is the word for " heart" in Spanish?
  6. What is a guillotine?
  7. How many planets are there? ( Not counting pluto)
  8. What is a maremma? Hint: It's an animal!!
  9. What " language" is this: Tiay siay aay eryvay argelay ogday!
  10. Pink is a _______? Hint: NO!! NOT THE COLOR!!
  11. What does IM stand for?

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