the trick quiz with tricky questions

there are many people who are trully a master of minds such as myself but are they the true genius? even if they are there are still things remain unknown an some questions require skills that not are not general knowledge questione but the hard infamous TRICK questions.

are you a master of brains, can you defeat an answer all questions correctly and have the true title of the master of questions. this quiz will see if you can answer questions that may seem obvious but are not.

Created by: anonomous
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  1. what cheese is made backwards?
  2. i have 3 apples i take 2 away, how many do i have?
  3. a man has 17 cows all but 9 die how many are alive?
  4. who was the current president in 1960
  5. a octor gives you 3 pills to take 1 every 20 minutes how long will the pills last?
  6. name 3 consecutive days without naming one of the days
  7. how many numbers of animals per species did moses take on the arc?
  8. spell the alphebet
  9. the are 9 stables that need to fit 10 horses, no stables may be used for 2 horses and all the horses need a stable and they are all horses not ponies or mares but horses. how can i fit these ten horses in 9 stables?
  10. how long did the one hundred year war last?
  11. what is 2+2?

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