Tricky, Tricky!

Some might say that they can past any teast. But you haven't had a test until you'ver tried this test! Filled with fun questions to see who can move around all the tricky questions and to see who's clever enough to notice one thing. If I tell you what it is, you won't have any fun!

Are YOU someone who can pass the trickyness of these questions? Do you have what it takes to be able to get around them and get the right answer? Will you win or will you loose? Well, there's only one way to find out who you are, and if your clever or no!

Created by: Brina
  1. The answer is six
  2. This is a trick question.
  3. I want ice cream!!!
  4. what is racecar spelled backwards?
  5. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hereit, what is the colour of the sky in the summer durring the day?
  6. What is the plastic thing called on the end of the showlace?
  7. Where is albaquerky?
  8. Where is Whitehorse?
  9. Spell this word backwords ekac
  10. name one rap/hip-hop star
  11. Who loves me?
  12. finish off this sentence. "2cute 2talk______"
  13. what is this date? 28/12/08 BE SURE TO GET IT IN ORDER!
  14. what does OMG mean
  15. If an animal is hurt, but you can't help it, are carrots good for your eyes?

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