What U Kno Bout Me :-)

You probably have known me now for a while. Let's just see how much you know about me.. Some questions in this test might be tricky.. so do you think you have what it takes to score a perfect score. I know many people, now is the time to find out how well the people I know, know me. Don't worry no pressure at all. I won't get mad if you score low, jus try your best and well find out

Just remember, some of these questions can be obvious if you know me enough, other can be tricky, but if you know me well enough, they shouldn't take you you long to solve. So, we are going to find out how well you know me. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY!!! Ready Set GO!!!

Created by: Mohamad

  1. What is my favorite baseball team?
  2. What is my favorite football team?
  3. What school do I go to?
  4. What special holiday is my birthday on?
  5. What is my screenname?
  6. Do I wear glasses?
  7. How many world series titles do the Mets have?
  8. What country am I from?
  9. What is my favorite season?
  10. Which starting pitcher did the Mets sign during the offseason?

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