That's The Way Love Goes Part 1

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Well, I'm sorry I've been so incredibly lazy! I'm just having a lot of pressure right now. I have so may tests THAT MY HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sorry bout that, anyways. I hope you'll like this series as much as Monsters. And yes, I'm still gonna finish Monsters so don't worry. If you have any ideas for me about Monsters or That's The Way Love Goes gibe me a comment!

Created by: Angelsbloodytears

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  1. 'Well. School was going okay so far. I haven't seen any of that stupid Dante!" I muttered in my mind. Dante was so stupid and immature. He has very dark blue hair that was almost black he has dark blue eyes and wears black a lot. It doesn't matter if he's hot .He always picks on me and is mean. I'm Claire. I'm sixteen years old and in my last year of highschool ,since I skipped a few grades. And in some of my classes were my arch enemy. Let me introduce, Dante. Dante was a huge flirt and jerk. He'd break girls hearts just for the fun of it. He drinks sake sometimes and always gets into to trouble. I've known Dante for a while and I can say he was only sweet when he was little. Actually, even back then he was still pretty mean. And I can tell you he is the biggest jerk you'll ever meet.
  2. My crush is way better then that low life. His name is Knight. Like the knight in shining armour. Knight had dirty blond hair that was kinda redish. His eyes were a dreamy bright blue and Knight was so sweet. He was loved by all of the girls. But I noticed he never dates. Knight's talked to me a few times and we're friends. He even sits by my at lunch sometimes. Knight's perfect and so wonderful. Despite his name, girls think he's a prince. And so do I.
  3. I was wearing a purple, white, and black plaid skirt with tights that went down to my knees. I had a black spaghetti strap tank top and black converse. I had eye liner and black eye shadow on. My dark brown hair was in two curly pony-tails tied with black ribbons. Some people thought I was emo, but I wasn't. I just dressed like it. I also had my small black hand bag that surprisingly fit everything I needed.
  4. My parents died a few years ago in a car accident and I convinced child services to let me live on my own for a while untill I went to collage. My parents were incredibly rich so I can live off their money for a very long time. Mean while I was kinda lonely. Knight was kinda the only friend I had. Dante was just an ass. But I did share the same feelings with Dante. His parents soon died after mine.
  5. "What's up, Loner!", speak of the devil. I turned around to ofcorse see Dante coming my way. He had dark jeans, a black t-shirt and black converse. I turned back around and stared walking away. But he ran up next to me and said, "Awe! What's the matter, Clairebear? Are you mad at me?". I clenched my fist together. My parents use to call me that. "Stop calling me that!", I growled. I just saw Dante smirk at me. "So sorry. I just thought that nickname suited you.", he replied smoothly. He kept walking next to me and that really bugged me. "Could you leave me alone, Dante.", I said giving him a glare. He chuckled a bit and I blushed. What was so funny. "What's so funny?!". "I just like when you say my name.", he looked at me and smiled. I blushed even harder.
  6. No. I wont give into his charm! If I do I'll pay the horrible price. Cause you see. Dante is known for steeling girls first kiss. And I'm not gonna let that happen! I finally made it to my class and the bell hasn't even ringed yet. "Okay Dante. You followed me here so now you can leave.", I said gesturing him. "What if I don't want to?", Dante asked. "Well why would you!", I replied. "I don't want to leave, because you're pretty cute to look at.", he said smirking. My eyes went wide and the blood rushed to my cheeks. "Hello Dante.", someone said. We both turned around to see Knight. He had a white tee, jeans and converse like me.(Converse are pretty popular) "Hi Knight!", I said happily. "Goodmorning Claire.", Knight said with a smile.
  7. "How is your painting going?". I blushed, "Oh! It's going well. I just need a little more time and it'll be ready for the art show next month.". I swore I saw Dante have a look of pure happiness, but then it disappeared. "Well, Claire. I'll see you later." I watched in shock as he left down the hall. "He almost never calls me Claire anymore. He always calls me by nicknames of some sort. "Claire.", I heard Knight say. "Oh! Um y-yes?", I ask. Knight looked a little embarrassed. "I was wondering if you, maybe, wanted to go to the amusement park with me? Not as my friend." He gulped. "As my date!". My heart raced. Knight, who never goes out with any girl, asked me on a date! "Ofcorse I'll go with you!", I said. I smiled and so did he.
  8. *After School* I was walking home with Knight since we lived in the same neighborhood. "Man. I'm so happy it's Friday!", I said stretching. "Yeah it's been a long week.", Knight said. We walked with eachother untill I had to go right and he had to go left. "So when's the date?", I asked before we separated. "Tomorrow at twelve. I'll pick you up.", Knight said before leaving. I walked home feeling flushed and butterflies in my stomach. My first date with the guy I like!
  9. Well, here my home. Home sweet home! My house was beautiful. It had a lot of windows that were bullet proof. The door was solid oak and my favorite flowers were planted along the walkway to the door. Inside, my kitchen was also huge. With black marble counters, steel appliances and wooden utensils. My floors were wood and I had soft furniture. A flat screen T.V. A little bar, hot tub and pool. And things I don't even need. I told you my parents were rich. This was our house we lived in. And I will never sell it!
  10. I had so many cloths and things, but I'd give it all away to see my parents again. But anyway, now isn't the time to be thinking about that. I promised mom and dad I would always be happy when their gone.(Guess that came a lot sooner) Also, I have to cram hard after my date with knight. I promised my parents I would get into a good collage and I can't let them down. So I first went into my room. Pretty simple. A large window, a light blue double bed, a black desk and apple computer. My closet, my bathroom and wood floors with a soft blue mat. After fixing my things I decided to not eat dinner today. I felt kinda dizzy for some reason and didn't really feel like eating. So instead, I went to my hide out. It was a room in the back of my closet. My dad was paranoid about robbers and made a secret hideout. But instead of using to hide myself, I used it to hide my art room. All around the walls were my sketches, painting, and drawings. I had more than enough supplies and the room was beautiful.
  11. Even though most rich people would've used their money to but themselves worthless iteams and waste money, I only used it for mostly art supplies. Sometimes I treat myself, but my mom said it's never good to be rotten. Maybe a little spoiled, but not rotten. So I started sketching a few ideas. And my hand seemed like it had a mind of it's own. And when my sketch was done, I had sketched Knight! I let out a shriek and backed away from the sketch. But then I started to take a closer look and noticed that I did a very good job. It was just as cute and handsome as Knight! It toke me about five minutes before I let out a heavy sigh. I hanged up the sketch and looked at it a little more untill I decided that I was getting creepy.
  12. Well, time for a shower. I had a lot of thinking to do. I mean, I don't even know what to wear on the date! A dress! But I don't want to be too fancy. Jeans and a jacket? Well, I don't want to be so casual. Oh well. I'll figure it out. After my shower I brushed my teeth, comb my hair, and put on lotion and deorderant. I went out of the room in my towel. I put on my purple tank top and stripped pj pants. I looked in my closet again making sure that I could wear something on the date. I sighed and turned away. Then an outfit popped into my head! Yes! This would be a good look!!!
  13. Well, know to get some shudeye. I had a date with Knight and that was exciting enough to get me up! But just incase, I set my alarm clock at nine. Plenty and plenty of time. Also, to tidy the house real quick. It was getting kinda dirty and I wanted it to be clean. Even though my mom was a clean freak, I wasn't PERFECTLY clean all the time. Well, that was tommorrow. For now, I just wanna sleep.
  14. Well I hope you like it. I've been thinking about writing this story and taking a break from Monsters. By the way, did you guys see it? I finilized Part 5 already so it should be out. If you can't find it and it isn't showing up can you guys tell me. Then I can post it. :)
  15. Leave your comments and thoughts. If you have any ideas tell me!! I have pretty good inspiration right now for Monsters but. . . I think I need more. Any ideas?
  16. Comment and raye please! If you do I'll ummmmm. . . .I'll. .. . Uhhhh? PLEASE!!!!

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