Summer Camp Love Story/2

Hey! i made part 2! yayz! i made the result description better. it was my first time on part 1. Dont hate! Anyway thanks all the people that commented on Love Story Help and part 1(sorry i cant remember your names..)

randomness: pie pie pie pie pie ooo it st. patricks day! (Pinch you) you: hey im wearing green! Me: well then thats just to bad then huh. moahahahaha!

Created by: starscreamer
  1. Your eyes popped open and you took a look around at your surroundings. You started to panic. You had no idea where you were! Then your memory returned to you. *Oh, yeah* you thought. *I'm stuck at camp.* you had survived your first night. You rubbed your sore back. The bed was basically a board on legs. The sleeping bag had helped a little though. Everyone else was waking up. They moved around slowly like a pack of zombies. Amanda seemed to be the only lively one there. "Come on! Come on!" she said excitedly. "The sooner we get ready, the sooner we get to eat. And the sooner we eat, the sooner we get to go swimming!" You perked up a little bit. You loved swimming and couldn't wait to relax in the cool water.
  2. Breakfast was simple. An egg, two pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast. "Hey, Sam," Brandon says cheerily to you. "Hey" "You seem in a better mood today," he says as he sits down by you. "Yeah. I think camp won't be as bad as I thought." You reply. "Well that's good." Brandon says while looking down at his plate. "Are you going swimming today?" he asks. "Yeps." "Well I guess I'll see you there then," Brandon says as he gets up and goes to a different table. You try to turn your attention back to your food but notice Skyler sitting at a table alone. You pick up your tray and sit across from him. "Hi!" you say startling him. "Er...hello....ummm....Sam." "Why are sitting here alone?" you ask while finishing off your toast. "Er... well I'm not really a talkative person you know so I don't really have any friends here." You slightly tilt your head to the side. "Are you going swimming?" you ask. "Well.... I don't know," he says blushing. "Come on. It will be a lot of fun!" For the first time he looks into your eyes and smiles. You can't help but smile back. "Well...okay." He finally decides. "Great!" you say. "I'll see you there!" You get up, throw your plate away, and head back to the cabin.
  3. You change into your blue swimsuit with white stripes and basically run to the lake. Only a few people are there but decide to jump in anyways. The lake was surprisingly warm. You swam for a while and then got out and sat on the dock letting the sun dry your skin. Suddenly, someone grabs you from behind and throws you into the water. You come up sputtering. Brian stood there laughing on the dock. "You should have seen the look on your face!" he tries to say. You let out a giggle. You swim over the dock. "Hey, Brian. I got to tell you something." He stops laughing. "What is it?" "It's a secret." You say. "Oh" he says and squats down.
  4. You grab his arm and pull him into the water. You laugh so hard that you have to hang on to the dock so you don't drown. After regaining himself, Brian laughs with you. You stop laughing and look over into the trees. The mystery guy that you saw yesterday was standing there watching you from a distance. "Hey, Brian. Who's that guy over there." He turns his head to the direction you're looking. "Oh, that's Nick." He explains. "He doesn't do much. He just basically stands around and watches people all day. Kind of creepy if you ask me. "You look at Brian and then turn your head to look at Nick but he's not there. *Creepy indeed* A whistle blow from somewhere in the distance. "Well I got to go," Brian says. He kisses you on the cheek and gets out of the water. "See you later, okay?" you nod and watch him run away. You touch your cheek. You couldn't believe he just did that.
  5. You suddenly hear a pounding noise. You look on the dock and see a pack of teenagers running towards you. You swim quickly to the side of the dock and make it just in time. You let out a sigh of relief. "Hey." You look up to see Skyler towering over you. "Hey Sky. You made it!" He blushed at the nickname. "Yeah I guess so." You smiled at his shyness. "Are you going to get in?" "er... yeah." He stammers. He jumped in making a huge splash. You giggle and Skyler grins. "You know, I used to be friends with a shy guy." You begin. "Yeah?" Skyler says. "Yeah. But he was only shy at school. When he was with his friends and stuff he was completely different person. He cussed and everything. After a while I stopped being friends with him. I couldn't handle two different personalities." "Oh...well you won't have to worry about that happening to me," Skyler says. "I'm pretty sure I'm shy all the way."
  6. Suddenly you can't breathe. Your head goes underwater. You are able to see Skyler trying to swim after you. You realize your drowning and you start to panic. Your hand reaches up to Skyler but you're sinking too fast. Your head feels heavy. You hold your breath or what you had left of it. It feels as if your heart was going to burst. Suddenly, everything goes black.
  8. sorry i made this one short.
  9. read the part 3(when it comes out)?
  10. Bye!

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