How average are you?

Have you ever looked around and wondered just how alike you are to a plethora of people? Have you ever just wondered how much you really stand out in a crowd?

Then take this short quiz and get a little glimpse of how average (or not) you are. In limited questions, I will provide you a basis on how average you are in the world.

Created by: Likeaboss
  1. How tall are you?
  2. Month born?
  3. When was your first kiss?
  4. GPA?
  5. Gender?
  6. About how many times a month do you cry?
  7. Shoe size?
  8. What do you say when you greet someone?
  9. Eating or sleeping?
  10. Favorite color?
  11. Favorite season?

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Quiz topic: How average am I?