How MeNtAlLy InSaNe are you?

Many people go around wondering if they stand out or fit in with any crowd. Most of the time people ar estuck acting out intheir houses and acting normal at home but the question of how mentally san ethey are will reamin.

Are you completely insane? Or the average Joe? This quiz will tell all in just a few short questions. You will know what kind of peoples fit your lifestyle and how you can have fun. It puts you in your place int he world!

Created by: Annalise
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  1. You ar ehanging with your friends in a public place. Someone tells a funny joke, you...
  2. You are sitting next to a complete stranger. You think they are cute and start up a conversation with...
  3. You are sitting in a quiet room and everyone is busy working, you...
  4. Someone ticks you off and in response you
  5. You just got your heart broken you
  6. Your computer crashes you
  7. You are going to a bar you
  8. You are going to a bar you
  9. You wake up from a wild party and their is a chicken on your bed you
  10. A really annoying random little kid wants to show you their new toy

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Quiz topic: How MeNtAlLy InSaNe am I?