Are You Mentally Ill

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Pick true if the statement above is true for you in your life and false if it isn't. Pick nature if you are unsure of the question or you don't want o tell the truth on that question.

I did my research but it still might not be completely accurate so please f you really want to find out if you are insane check with your doctor. Seriously, stop relying on the Internet.

Created by: GattaCatchMAlll
  1. You often feel sad or afraid to the point of suicidal thoughts.
  2. When people get you angry you often get violent.
  3. Your eating habits change a lot (hungry a lot more or less)
  4. You have seclusion a lot (seclusion= time away from people or as much time away as you can)
  5. You have difficulty handling responsibilities
  6. You have trouble sleeping and often don't sleep at all
  7. You have trouble coping and keeping control of your emotions
  8. You get confused easily
  9. You often have trouble with being able to speak up or telling a simple problem
  10. Has any one in your family been mentally ill?
  11. Has your doctor told you of any viruses or terrible sicknesses that you have had?
  12. Have you been physically/mentally abused by any one?
  13. Have you been mentally/physically abused by yourself?
  14. Has a tragic experience happens in your life (this does NOT include a break up but does include a marriage divorce)
  15. Has someone deer to you left or passed away such as a family member or a loved one
  16. Do you loose memory quickly
  17. If you are stressed do you have something to take or anger on or do you repress it (repress=forget, pretend it doesn't exist or it didn't happen)

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