Round two: How well do you know TGM?

You will not enjoy this. This will not be over quickly. before you lay some of the hardest questions people could ever ask about me, and I've only mentioned them to a few people, and once or twice in my 3,000+ post sin the forums. gl, you're going to need it. :p

Is your body ready? have you mentally prepared yourself? I suggest you do both, because you will not pass this quiz on the first try. I don't car ehow well you know me, you shall fail.

Created by: Zachary
  1. Right off the bat a hard question; What characters do I use on Gears of War 3?
  2. It only gets harder from here: Who was my first role play character I EVER created?
  3. What would I eventually like to do?
  4. Who do I main/submain in brawl?
  5. This one is kind of tricky; What game am I currently working on?
  6. Lol good luck with this; what anime series did I MOST RECENTLY watch?
  7. What is my SECOND favorite color?
  8. What is my favorite candy?
  9. Slightly easier; Who was my favorite video game character at the time when I joined BFC?
  10. And to end your suffering; Have I ever attended a brawl/smash bros. tourney irl?

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Quiz topic: Round two: How well do I know TGM?