The Quest: Round One-The Ship

Welcome to my new series entitled, The Quest, where an ordinary school day turns into an extraordinary adventure! The Quest is still mysterious in the round, all you know is that completing rounds will get you home quicker.

Will you go on to Round Two- The Forest? Or would you rather stay on the ship with Monte? Whoops- gave it away! Go ahead and start reading already! Please note That unlike many other series, all of your answers count towards your results.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. It is just a normal day at Bennet Acadamy Upper School. Grades 6-8 are having gym, and grades 9-12 are having lunch. Then a large jet plane lands on the field and injures a seventh-grader named Savanah Injun. What do you do?
  2. The teachers get suspicious, and soon the whole school, including your eleventh-grade class is standing on the field. Two large men dressed as pirates exit the plane and enter the field. "Climb aboard, kiddies , or you'll be sorry!" one yells. What do you do?
  3. Three hours later, the whole upper school and a five-man rag-tag pirate crew file off the plane onto a giant ship. "Now here's how this works. If you kiddies ever wanna go back, you have to complete a quest. This is Round One. Those of you whom pass will go on to a mysterious forest for Round Two. Those who fail will stay on the ship as servants til they pass. By the way, my name is Ricky. And me shipmates here are Monte, Frank, Davy, Ping, and Lou." You notice that Monte is about your age and mighty handsome.... Then Ricky goes on to explain. "To pass this round, you must show three qualities: Bravery, Trust, and Elbow Grease! We'll start with elbow grease. Monte, pass out mops n' buckets! Time to swab the poop deck!" what do you do?
  4. It is now eight p. m. At night. Ricky tells everyone to sleep in the cabins. You share a bunk with Savanah and your classmate, Yolanda. Ricky tells everyone rather unpleasantly, "Shut up and sleep! Tomorow you will be tested in trust and bravery! If you pass, you'll be sent to Round Two!"what do you do now?
  5. In the morning, Ricky tells you to steer the ship! Eek! What do you do?
  6. You have only one more quality to prove before you can leave-or stay on the ship! Its trust! But before that, you have to swab the poop deck again.What to do/think?
  7. Now its lunchtime. You are starting to feel grimy from the wear and tear of the past 24 hours. You wish desperately that you could be in Math Class, which you hate. What are you thinking?
  8. For lunch, you can pick from these three choices: 1.Bread and water 2. Mutton and seawater 3. Fish and milk You get your food and sit down with your bunkmates. What do you talk about?
  9. Then you have trust. It turns out that you have to do the old falling back exercise, except you have to fall from some high netting all the way to the deck. As you get ready to fall into Monte's arms, what are you thinking?
  10. You turn out alive, thank goodness! Then Ricky anounces who will be getting off the ship. Are you one of them? Submit your results to find out!

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