The Quest: Round Two-The Forest

Welcome to the third episode/part of my series entitled "The Quest". In this round, you will gain a bit of knowledge about this strange quest. And if you prevail, you will move onto Round Three- The Mountain.

I hope you enjoy this round as much as the first, and if you haven't read the first I suggest that you do that before this one, as they are, in fact, a series.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. If you passed Round One-The Ship, Ricky and the crew just dropped you, Yolanda, Savanah and two boys named SheQuan and Christian off at the edge of a green forest. Monte accompanies you. Ricky steers the unlucky prisoners away as a small, plump redheaded woman walks up to you. "Ah. Ricky predicted your coming, children. I am Plum Quenney, please Call me Plum. In this round, the three qualities you must show are Love, respect and courage. We shall start with love. GROUP HUG!" You all have an awkward group hug.
  2. Plum leads the small group to a cozy hobo-like village full of tents and fires crackling while blazing bright. About twenty people were there, some cooking over the fires. "This is where you will live for the next two days, so take a look around, children." What do you do?
  3. You find out that you, along with Savanah and Christian, are staying in tent 14, with two old ladies and a six-year-old girl named Marcie. Whats your reaction?
  4. For dinner, you have veggie stew. Then you sleep, in a cot on the dirt in tent 14.
  5. The next day you eat bananas for breakfeast while Plum talks to you, Savanah, Yolanda, SheQuan and Christian. "Let me explain this quest a little. Its of course a way for you to get back home, and a way to expirience the world. Ricky and some other evil people are looking for a secret treasure and they are taking upper school students to help them do it. Ricky had me host a stop on the quest for training purposes." Plum turns to you. What do you say.
  6. For your courage exercise, you have to go on a high-risk scavenger hunt. Just from reading the first clue, you know this could seriously get you killed. What do you do?
  7. That night, before everyone heads to bed, Plum has you, Yolanda, Savanah, Christian and SheQuan write a 150 word essay about someone you love and long for back home. There were tears. Plum hands you your pencil and paper. What do you write about?
  8. The next day is your last day, and the day you must prove respect. Plum simply asks you to be extra respectful today. So how do you behave today?
  9. its time for you to say goodbye to Plum. What do you say?
  10. "Those moving on to Round three-The Mountain- will be announced now."Plum states matter-of-factly. Are you one of them? Submit your results to find out!!

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