The Cause part 1

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This is not a love story yet but here: You're Ella Avalon. An average, normal high schooler living an average life but then again that's only if you call having your dad and brother die on your birthday "normal". Then yeah its normal.

After the sad tragedy, you now lives an average again. But on her 15th birthday it doesnt seem so normal anymore. What will happen to our little charecter here.

Created by: Mikaela
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  1. Okay your name is Ella Avalon and your 15 years old. You're an average person until well stuff happens. Ok?
  2. It was an average chilly Friday in October, the 11th to be exact, my birthday, as I was on my way to 3rd period when the loud speaker went.” Ella Rose Avalon, please report to the main office to receive a phone call” "ohh.. wonder what you did Rose. Well, you probably got in trouble for being so ugly." Krell, you're worst enemy, mocked. "Oh shut up Krell. You're just jelous that Dave chose me not a B**** like you" You respond racing down the steps before Krell could say anything.
  3. You dragged your feet up and down the stairs to reach the office. Great, One more flight of stairs. Without looking, you scrambled up the stairs, accidentally colliding into someone. You looked up to see an attractive blonde haired crimson eyed face. Aaron Ferco. That who it was, Aaron Ferco, the best looking, the best sports player, the most popular, and the most powerful/richest kid in this school.He had medium blond hair that almost reached his crimson eyes. He IS good looking by the way.
  4. "You.." He says in his usual cold voice. You snicker and drop to your knees to pick up your books. Suddenly, Aaron whispers, " Here." And he hands you a book that you drop. "Thanks" you said looking up at him. He was avoiding your greened eyed gaze and finally when your eyes met your two eyes locked for a moment that seemed to drag. Then, you both look away blushing.
  5. Aaron takes his leave and you continue to the office. You open the door to the office and was basked in the familiar smell of pencil sharpening and old people, “Hi, I’m Ella Avalon.” you stated, smiling. Mrs. Bores, the secretary, greeted you with a glare and a phone in hand. you took the gray rotary phone and spoke,” Hello?” you asked. “Hey sweetie, it mom, I’m going to pick you up early today, ok.” My mom answered. “Why?” you asked. "I dont have time now. I'll tell you later." And the phone died.
  6. You put down the phone and worry what happend with your mom. "Umm.." You started to Mrs. Bores. "Leaving early?" You nod cautiously still fainthearted by what happend. "Just get your things. You thank her politley and jog out the door. Glancing at the clock you notice that you have 10 min. until classes switch. You dont like crowded places so you rushed to your locker . Then in front of your locker was him.
  7. He smiles at you. His million dollar grin smiling just for you. Ace. THE Ace. The one who hooked up with about 3/4 of the girl populace (with you as one of the 1/4)"What do you want?" You ask coldly avoiding his reddish brown eyes that could usually melt a normal girls heart.Not only was he good looking with his million dollar grin, alluring eyes, and crisp red hair, he was rich too, good at sports as a plus too.
  8. "I just want to wish you a happy birthday." He says tossling with your medium black hair."Like we always.." "used to do" You cut him off. He laughs teasingly at your remark and then puts on his devious face. He pulls you to him and crashes you against your locker, grabbing onto your arms with alot power. "OWW.." You moan then you put on your peircing eyes. He smiles back deceivingly. "Remember what we used to do in the Past." He whispers in your ear. "Yeah and I don't want to remember." He laughs. "Why don't I remind you of what we used to do.."

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