Betrayed by Love part 3

Don't worry about what you get at the end and don't even worry about actually taking the quiz it self. This is jut something to read. Please Comment!!!!

If you haven't read Part 1 and or Part 2 plea go back and read them but if you don't care or already have, continue reading. Now, I stopped at the part when you get slapped by this guy, who looks just like Paul, but isn't.

Created by: Veronica
  1. Nick and Paul were brothers. Twin brothers. So Paul wasn't the one that slapped you. It was all Nick. It was Nick that everyone hated.
  2. Looking past John and Caleb, I saw Lucy, Mike, Nick, and Paul. Lucy had a huge fireball in her hand, getting bigger and bigger. Mike was holding Nick down. And Paul ripped a breach from a nearby tree and started sharping it with his nails. Taking a step foward, a wolve stopped me in my tracks. I stared at it as it shook it's big fluffy head. It's eyes were dark dark brown, almost black. "Caleb?" I reached out and put my hand on his head. "Stay." Someone whispered. I looked around and the tiger smiled. "You said that!?" He nodded. "You can read minds too, just like Paul."
  3. Caleb changed back into his human, right in front of me. I giggled and he blushed. (Because he was naked). Quickly grabbed his pants, he put them on and gave a huge smile.
  4. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed Caleb's arm and pointed. Paul was walking over to Nick, dagger in hand. John came over and told me to look away.
  5. Paul can't do this, that's his brother for crying out loud! I wanted to be over there, to save Nick even if he hit me. And just like that, I was there. Hovering over Nick, Paul was already about to kill him, and so the dagger went through me. I stood there for a second, holding on to my stomach. Nick signed with relief and Paul's eyes were wide. Suddenly everything stopped and I was on the floor.
  6. "Melanie!" Everyone ran over to me. "Somebody do something!" Paul said as he held you in his arms. Mike and Lucy grabbed Nick and pinned him against a tree. "This all your fault!" Mike screamed and punched Nick across the face. My eye lids grow heavy until I couldn't hold them open anymore. "Do something!" Paul yelled again. My heart beat was slowing down and my head hit Paul's chest.
  7. My eyes flashed open and tears ran down my face. I'm not dead. Paul and everyone else, minus Lucy and Nick ran into the room. "Oh thank god!" Paul said, and grabbed me in a tight hug. "Still sore." I stated. He pulled away and stepped back for everyone else to hug me.
  8. "How long was I out?" I asked as I got up to grab some clothes before getting into the shower. "Almost a week." Mike said, lying down on the bed. "Damn." I put everything down on the bathroom contour. Walking back into the room, John and Mike left and it was only Caleb, who was looking through my photoalbme and Paul was looking out of the window. It felt good to be back home. "When we'd get back to my place?" "Four nights ago." Caleb said. "Had fun looking through my stuff." I said, and grabbed my photoalbme from Caleb. "I like them sassy." He replied.
  9. Rolling my eyes, I pushed his head and put it back on desk. "Look at that butt... Mmm!" I looked at Caleb, "Perv." "Huh?" "Get out." "What I do?" Caleb got up and I pulled him out the door.
  10. "Who's the guy?" I jumped and realized Paul was still here. "What guy?" He pointed to the picture frame at my nightstand. "That guy." I signed and walked over to the picture. "That was... That was my brother, Zachary." He nodded. "And what about your tattoo?" I walked back to the bathroom and started taking off my clothes. "That's for me to know and you to find out." As I answered, I could have sworn he was looking at me through the mirror.

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