The werebeasts chronicles! Part 2: How much of a Werecat are you

The werebeasts chronicles part 2 continues! If you haven't taken part 1, then do so! Part 2 concentrates on werecats, and werecats only! Did you know there are several types of werecats? Did you know there were werecats at all? Let me assure you they exist, and this test is meant to check which one you are most likely to be! Are you ready to know the wierd truth?

This test is set to determine how likely you are to be a werecat and which type! If you haven't taken part 1, then i recommend that you do. Also stay tuned for part 3: How much of a werebear are you!?

Created by: Kish

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  1. Yes, you guessed it! What is your favourite colour among these?
  2. Before i go deep, do you believe that black cats are bad luck?
  3. Do you have better eye sight than others?
  4. Do you have better sense of hearing than others?
  5. Do you have better sense of smell than others?
  6. Can you jump unusually high, higher than others?
  7. No offense, but i have to ask! Are your ears big?
  8. Do cats react when you around?
  9. What werecat do you think you will get?
  10. Do you want to be a werecat?
  11. Have you taken the werebeasts chronicles! Part 1: How much of a Werewolf are you?
  12. If you had a choice, what werebeast would you like to become?

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Quiz topic: The werebeasts chronicles! Part 2: How much of a Werecat am I