Are you a werecat?

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Alright,so we all know,or at least most of us know,what a werewolf is.But werecats,what about us?A werecat is simular to a werewolf only we are more feline.

So do YOU happen to be a werecat?This is one of the few quizzes that aimes towards helping you find out if you are a werecat.Now if you want to find out if you are one,then please take this quiz and find out.It is not 100% sure thing,but it will still help you.

Created by: Cougar cat
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  1. You see a dog near you.What do you do?
  2. Do you often jump on furniture to get apon it instead of sitting on it like normal peoople,without even thinking about it?
  3. Do you see,hear,and smell things before others do?
  4. Do you prefer night over day?
  5. You are sitting in a room with absolutely nowhere to go.What do you do?
  6. Do you have better speed,agility,and reflexes than most people?
  7. Do you jump at loud noises and/or poke out your nails?
  8. Do you ever have dreams about being a cat instead of a human?
  9. Do you love cats?
  10. Do cats generally love you?
  11. Do you hate dogs.
  12. Do dogs hate you?
  13. Finally,do people ever describe you as cat-like?

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Quiz topic: Am I a werecat?