Are you a werewolf?

this quiz is on werewolves. I am making quizzes on the other werebeasts: werecats, werebadgers, werebears and werefoxes. this quiz is to see if you're a lycanthrope or not!

are you a lycanthrope? do you act like a dog and howl at the moon? do you want to eat humans? you can find out with this accurate quiz! it's 100% accurate because I am a werecat!

Created by: LokiCat

  1. Do you chase anything smaller than you that runs?
  2. do you want to eat humans?
  3. are your teeth sharp?
  4. dog you like dogs?
  5. do you like to eat?
  6. do you have a good sense of smell?
  7. do you love the moon?
  8. you are attacked. what do you do?
  9. you see a deer. what do you do?
  10. what are you like with anger?

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf?