What Kind Of Werewolf Are You?

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There are many quizzes about werewolves out there, but non about What kind of werewolf are you. I always wanted to know the answer to that question, so I did the research.

Have you ever wandered what kind of werewolf YOU are? Well now you can find out. I did the research, so you wont have to. I hope you like your result!

Created by: Luna
  1. What is your favorite food? classical question, I know.
  2. How can you die?
  3. When do you transform?
  4. Fur color?
  5. Eye color?
  6. How many paw pads do you have?
  7. What do you look like in your wolf form?
  8. Do you live in a pack?
  9. How did you become a werewolf?
  10. What do you think you got? this will not affect your result.

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Werewolf am I?