Are you a true werewolf

This is a really good quiz.You ahould take it to find out if u are, indeed a True Werewolf.This quiz is about Werewolves odviousley, and is a great way to fing out some stuff.

This quiz also has some questions that dont represent the topic.The reason four this is just to know a little something about you.Like for some questions just answer honestly

Created by: Jessica Wenger

  1. What kind of person are you
  2. If there you see a fire what do u do
  3. What do you believe in most
  4. What is Canis Lupus
  5. What wolf has RED eyes
  6. Do you watch the show TEEN WOLF
  7. Do you use WIKIPEDIA
  8. Where would u live if u had a choice
  9. Do you have alot of hair
  10. What do you think of people

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Quiz topic: Am I a true werewolf