Supernatural Love Part: 4

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The darkness is coming near, Love is on the verge of losing, death is near, those you trust dissapear..What will become of Madison? You choose! the first 3 people to comment are able to shre their thoughts, and ideas on what should be added!*I am sorry about such a long wait! Was working on Fallen Angels, and got carried away..xD sorry that this one is short.. enjoy...*

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: WEREWOLF..... A werewolf is no shape shifter, but was either born wolf, or man...the wolf became a werewolf if they wished to be human. a human becomes a werewolf from their ancestors. Werewolves are known to be extremely warm, short tempered, moody, and quick minded.

Created by: krdffdpfan
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  1. Okay, let's catch up.. Victor suddenly jerked away, "I-I've gotta go..." he walked away quickly, and out of Aaron's room. "Victor, wait, come back..." I plead, but he is to fr away to her me. I sigh and sit on Aaron's bed next to him. I went to touch his shoulder. Just as my fingertip touched his bareskin I felt a sharp pain rip up my body and..... got it? :)
  2. I twitched and passed out next to him, feeling the urge of energy from his wild, wolf spirit. First, It was just flashes of light, and blurrs of color, like I had just woke up, and was running. Now, this running was far more different than around a track, or down the block. It felt like, freedom. Soon, the flashes of light, and blurrs of color became shape. Sents of wildlife, water, and the outdoors rushed into my nose. Oddly, I couldn't look around. My eyes were set on a familiar mountain range on the base of the horizon. It was blue, like the clear blue sky over head, but darker so it contrasted from the sky. It was the Absaroka Mountains. Why in the world was I thinking about the Absaroka Mountains? And why was I in the tall grass running, instead of looking at a picture on my laptop? Then, my head turned without warning.
  3. IT was a pack of wolves! I could tell they were Werewolves by the way their human form would fade in and out. That beautiful blue sky suddenly changed then. It turned a dull-purple, and the wolf pack and I stopped in our tracks. Somehow, I knew something terrible, and horrifying would be coming. *Why am I here?* I wondered
  4. Then I was being shaken, and I heard a man's voice, "maddi...maddi...MADDI...MADDI! MADDI! WAKE up please.." My eyes fluttered open, and I saw Aaron over me like some dog looking for a bone. "A-Aron...I thought you were.." "Not anymore" he said, and kissed me. I was taken by suprize on that. I kissed him back... he must of had a change of heart ;)
  5. He pulled back, immediatley, I burst 'what was that for?!" "b-because.." he stuttered. "because why?" I asked. "Because I think I love you." his soft brown eyes seemed to melt. "b-but.." I stuttered, and he put a finger to my lips, "shh.. we musn't wake the others..."
  6. He took my hand and led me out of his bedroom. Right when he was going to close it, I caught it, and said "Wait, Aaron? I need to ask ou something.." "sure." he said, opening the door wider so I could see him better. "why were you so mean to me, if you love me?"He was hesitant with his answer, silance as thick as fog loomed between us. "to protect you." he began shutting the door. "then why did you kiss me?" I caught the door with my hand. He looked at me, with those magical, liquid brown eyes. "because my pack needs me, and I may never see you again." He closed the door.
  7. I ran back to my blue room, and collapsed on my bed, sobbing. Why wouldn't anyone tell me why I'm here? Am I even human? I looked at my tear-damp hands. Will I ever see my friends or family ever again? Pity went over me like a blanket, after all of those years in tricking, and harrassing Mr.L, I finally felt bad. I cried for Mr.L, Markus, my life, family, friends, Victor, Joe, and Aaron. Why can't my life just be normal?
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