am I a werewolf or not

There are many humans in this world but has any one stopped and thought maybe we're not the only creature in the worldb no they dont so do my test to figure out if youre not a human

Are you a werewolf do you have the strength or rage to qualify for this quiz until now you could only wonder what it would be like as a werewolf but to this great quiz we will find out

Created by: amazon

  1. Which part of the day would you rather
  2. Which moon phase do you like better
  3. Which type of dog do you like better
  4. If you ever had a dream about you turning into a wolf what would you do
  5. Do you think your a werewolf
  6. What animal do you live the most
  7. Which team do you go for
  8. Do you love animals
  9. What tv shows about werewolves do you like better
  10. What do you do in your spare time
  11. What type of movies do you like

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