Am I a Mythical Creature

Humans are everywhere, but very few mythical creature still roam the Earth. Some are born as humans and could become... something else. Most however are born.

Do you think your anything but human? It is possible but some humans are just not normal. Some may even think you aren't human when you are. Take this quiz to find out. You may be surprised to see your answer.

Created by: Alexis Houides
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What dreams do you remember having as a kid?
  2. How do you feel around people?
  3. Favorite time of day?
  4. Favorite two colors?
  5. Where would you want to live?
  6. If you could have one power, what would it be?
  7. Favorite food?
  8. How would you describe yourself?
  9. Do you prefer to get of give presents?
  10. Are you strong, and have good senses?

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