Do you know Paramore?

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Many people claim that they are big Paramore fans but at the end of the day, no one really knows who PARAMORE is. Anyone who can pass this quiz is a certified true Paramore fan.

Are you a Paramore fan? Can you stand in front of a stage that has 2 guys and 1 cute girl headbanging to the sound of music for 3 hours? Do you think you can keep up with me in being the #1 fan of Paramore? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Miss E of this site
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  1. What is Paramore?
  2. Who is the vocalist of Paramore?
  3. What is Paramore's genre?
  4. What is Paramore's latest album?
  5. When did Paramore form?
  6. Who is the current bassist of Paramore?
  7. Where did they originate?
  8. All of the following are Paramore's songs except for one. Which is it?
  9. Pick the Paramore song!
  10. Give the next lyrics: "Whoa, I never meant to brag..."
  11. Give the next lyrics: "You've never been so used since I'm using you..."
  12. Give the next lyrics: "I should be over all the..."
  13. Who is Josh Farro?
  14. Who is the current Lead/Rhythm guitar of Paramore?
  15. Who is Zac Farro?
  16. What do Paramore fans USUALLY call themselves?
  17. What song of Paramore was featured in the console versions of Sims 2?
  18. This song of Paramore was the lead single for the novel-based Twilight film.

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