The Ultimate Paramore Quiz

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Paramore have a lot of fans but only a select few are ultimate superfans you could be one answer these 20 questions about Paramore and the members and see!

please enjoy The Ultimate Paramore Quiz and try to get a good score because if you are a fan and get a bad score that will suck if you enjoyed this quiz follow me on twitter and ill also make more quizzes! [no urls]

Created by: Chloe
  1. Who is the lead singer of paramore?
  2. Where Was Paramore Born?
  3. What year did the farro brothers leve the band and what were their names?
  4. What instrument does Jeremy play?
  5. How many Tattoos does Jeremy have showing his love and appreciation to God?
  6. What was the name of Paramores first studio album?
  7. When is Paramore self titled album going to be released
  8. What video game was the Paramore song Pressure Featured on in 2005?
  9. What is Taylors brothers name?
  10. When is Taylors Birthday?
  11. When is Hayleys Birthday?
  12. When is Jeremys birthday?
  13. What does Hayley have tattood on the front of her right leg?
  14. What facial piercing does Taylor have?
  15. Which facial piercing does hayley have?
  16. Which facial piercing does Jeremy have?
  17. What clothing accesory does Jeremy wear a lot?
  18. Where is Hayley Originally from?
  19. Why was Hayley homeschooled?
  20. When was Paramores first Warped Tour

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