How big a Paramore fan are you?

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Are YOU a Paramore fan or just a pretender? Do you think you have the knowledge to be able to call yourself a true fan. Take this quiz to find out!!!!

Do you think you know Paramore? Do you know your misery business from my heart? Test whether you truly know the band and whether you can call yourself a true fan?

Created by: s1enna

  1. What was the 1st single to be taken from their self titled album 'Paramore'?
  2. How old was Hayley Williams when Paramores debut album came out?
  3. What is the name of Paramores debut album?
  4. Who co-wrote the track Misguided Ghosts from the album Brand New Eyes?
  5. What year was Riot! released?
  6. Complete the name of original rhythm guitarist Jason....
  7. Decode and what other song are taken from the Twilight soundtrack?
  8. Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) was a b side to which single?
  9. Where was live album The Final Riot! recorded?
  10. Complete the lyrics from Careful.I had it all but, not what I wanted 'cause hope for me was....
  11. Monster was taken from which movie soundtrack?
  12. And finally, out of these five current and former members, who is the eldest?

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Quiz topic: How big a Paramore fan am I?