Which of Koolit's UTAU are you most like?

Koolit has five UTAU-related characters, all with different personalities. From Ame Shirohi, Yukio Kyokusen, Yuuji Hyakuro, Kazeko Gale and to Lizett, which one are you like?

Characterization is something Koolit likes to pay attention to when creating UTAUs. Take this quiz and see which of her UTAU you are most like. At the end of each character result is some extra biographical information as well.

Created by: Koolit

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How are you in school?
  2. What is one of your flaws?
  3. You need some money! How are you going to get some?
  4. You've got money! What do you want to spend it on?
  5. Which of these is your spirit-animal?
  6. What would you do if someone started flirting with you?
  7. What do you really enjoy doing?
  8. Many say that you are really ...
  9. What about people annoys you?
  10. What do you like about yourself?
  11. Your parents have grounded you! But what did you do wrong?
  12. Senpai...
  13. Last question. What do you think?

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Quiz topic: Which of Koolit's UTAU am I most like?