What Vocaloid/UTAU are you?

Soo....I like Vocaloids and UTAU's which is why I made this....Really I was just bored, and i'm talking s--- here because I don't know what to put soooo Yeah.

I didn't put Vocaloids like GUMI and others because I don't really know much about them. and as for Len...I just couldn't be asked :3 so yeah..........

Created by: sky lel
  1. What would be your favourite colour?
  2. So, What is your favourite item?
  3. You wake up, its a bright sunny morning, what do you do?
  4. How would you usually wear your hair?
  5. Tidy your bedroom!
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. UNICORNS!!!
  8. Your friend invites you to a party, what do you wear?
  9. (This has no effects on your results) Which do you prefer, Vocaloid or UTAU?
  10. This is the final question!

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Quiz topic: What Vocaloid/UTAU am I?