Are you a VOCALOID Genius?

VOCALOID is a wonderfully complex community which connects a trillion of people all around the world.However there is more to it than just Hatsune Miku and her concerts...

How well do you know about VOCALOID in the least details?Can you get all the answers right?Are you a devoted fan?Are you worthy of being called a VOCALOID Fan?

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  1. Kenmochi Hideki,known as the father of VOCALOID was among the first to have developed the software.He did that in a University.Where was the specific university found?
  2. Who was the first VOCALOID ever released and by which company was he/she made?
  3. Who was the first Crypton Vocaloid to be updated to VOCALOID3 technology for his/her append?
  4. Who was the first ever Chinese VOCALOID?
  5. Who was the voice provider for SONiKA?
  6. What is the name of the iPhone version of VOCALOID?
  7. When was the first Project DIVA game released?
  8. What is Ryuuto(Gachapoid) known for?
  9. Which company owns the VY series?
  10. What is the name of the japan-based music label which sells VOCALOID songs,albums and singles?

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Quiz topic: Am I a VOCALOID Genius?